The Sunshine Cathedral, Fort Lauderdale

  Where Every Sunday is Like a New Broadway Show 


Whatever your beliefs or non-beliefs, you are welcome to attend Sunday services and a multitude of entertaining and inspirational events at Fort Lauderdale’s Sunshine Cathedral.

”where the past is past, and the future is filled with infinite possibilities.”

Wait, don’t close your browser. Hear me out. I am not someone who usually partakes in any organized religious practice, but when I visit Fort Lauderdale, I get up on Sunday mornings, sometimes exhausted from my Saturday night shenanigans, and grab an Uber to get my sweet ass over to the Sunshine Cathedral.

Why? It’s incredibly entertaining. The music program is as good as Broadway. It’s personally inspirational. It’s communal. It’s thought-provoking. It’s positive and affirmative. And I am a more confident, energized and stronger person when the service ends.

In addition, I get more educated about social injustices and motivated to use my talents to make a difference. And in this difficult world, we need to be aware, smarter and ready to defend and support our brothers and sisters in need all around the world.

After the service, I head over to the common-room for coffee, good food and refreshment. I meet good people. Men, women, leather men, cute sexy guys, beautiful trans-people, drag queens, gay families and even some straight folks who find a welcoming spiritual home at the Sunshine Cathedral MCC. Often I get invited out to brunch and I make new friends.



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