Destination: Dubai

Gay Travel Destination Guide

Officially this guide does not exist.   Gay Dubai?  Is this Serious?  Legally homosexual acts can be severely punished in Dubai.  Bit in reality, Dubai is filled with accomplished Gay men.  Not just Men who have sex with Men, which is very common throughout the Middle East, but also Gay men, who identify as Gay, and make their careers and homes in this fast growing and “bigger, better, more amazing” emirate of Dubai.  There are also many Gay male expats from Europe, the USA, South Africa, India, Australia and all-around-the-world who work, party and play in Dubai.

Personally I have never felt at risk in Dubai.  I know the rules and I follow them.  The rules are simple: (1) No Public Displays of Affection; (2) No illegal Drugs; (3) No Political Activity;  (4) Be Respectful of the Culture and the Religion; (5) Treat all People and Customs with Respect.

Not everyone follows these rules, but if you are a visitor to Dubai, I highly recommend that you do.  And everything, hopefully, will be a-ok.

Gay Clubs

There are no  “Gay Bars or Clubs”, but there are weekly  and scheduled parties for “Like Minded People.”   The event names and the venues of these events change frequently, but there is usually always a big Gay party late night  on Thursdays and Fridays.  The weekend in Dubai and much of the Middle East is Friday and Saturday. Sunday is a work day.  The parties usually start around midnight and go until 4 am. Often the parties are at clubs/ drinking establishments high up in big modern buildings.   I won’t  mention club names or specific locations here, as I want to protect the events.  But if you go on Grindr and Scruff, just ask the guys where to go.

There are also mixed parties and drinking establishments most every night of the week, where a lot of Gay guys go.  Barasti Beach Club is very popular with Emirates Flight Crews.

At these parties,  you will meet groups of attractive men from all over.  There are the always sexy Lebanese.  The off-the-hook sexy Syrians.  The Kuwaitis who fly in for events and to party thru the weekend.   The many great looking Iraqi’s.  Then there are Saudi’s, Emirati’s and Gay Arabs from places like the Yemen.  There are also Gay guys from India and Pakistan. And then also expats from European countries, South Africa, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.  Muslim Arab men are the majority.

There is usually a mix of western pop dance music and Arab dance music.  Sometimes Hindi music is played, and some guys may break out their Bollywood dance moves.

While Muslim men are not supposed to drink alcohol and alcohol is not available in many public places, there are many hotels, clubs, and event venues where alcohol is readily sold,  And at these parties, the Guys drink.

When the party ends, every one heads down to the street while the “sidewalk sale” happens as many or most of the guys are looking to hook up.  Some with gather in small groups and head to late night restaurants  who the flirting and   hook up efforts continue.


Gay Apps

And then there is Grindr,  Scruff, Gay Romeo and other hook-up / dating apps.  In Dubai, the apps are quite active.  However, you must Set up a VPN on your phone or computer to access them.   My experience, its easy to meet guys and hook up via the apps.  Often a hot guy will be in a taxi and at your place e in less than 30 minutes.  Many don’t show much more than their Chests on the apps, but often the guys who shows up, its much hotter than the pics.

Safe Sex and HIV

Issue:  You can not get a work visa to live and work in Dubai if you have HIV. There are many men in Dubai who have HIV, many taking meds, and they manage to stay under the radar.  When you apply for a work visa for Dubai you will have to take an HIV test.   If somehow it is discovered that a visitor has HIV, they will be forced to leave the UAE.

However, Gay men traveling to Dubai for durations of less than 30 days, do not need to submit an HIV test and the customs authorities do not generally check luggage for medications. Take your meds with you to Dubai, stay healthy.   Its impossible to get HIV meds in Dubai or to have them mailed to you.




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