Gay Games X Paris 2018


From 4 August to 12 August, 2018,   Paris hosted the GAY GAMES, the world’s largest sporting, cultural and festive event open to all! It was the 10th edition of the Games which started in San Francisco in 1982. Ands it was the largest  event with over 10,000 participants. from 70+ countries participating in 36 sports and over 14 cultural events.

Coming Together in Paris


Gay Games HistoryThe Paris Go|GlobalGay team was participating and reporting.  It was GGG’s first big event, and our first as a credentialed News organization.

Held every four years for more than 32 years, Gay Games, a hymn to love, advocates a society for all diversities. Paris was considered the the perfect host to celebrate this 10th edition,  Supported by the highest French institutional and sporting bodies, PARIS 2018 prepared the games celebrating diversity, respect, equality, solidarity and sharing.   It was an inspired, professional and well-regarded edition of the Games.   Athletes, spectators, the community and sponsors praised this edition of the Games as the best!



Gay Games X Paris – Video by Miklos Fejes

The Official Games Opening Party, DJ’s by Offer Nissim, was presented at the Grand Palais; and in the tradition of great circuit parties, athletes and participants danced to hard pounding music and a lighting spectacle until well  past dawn.

Athletes competed throughout the week in a spirt of harmony, competition and good fun.    Leading brands  and Gay services companies sponsored the events and many were on hand to provide giveaways and to share in the excitement.

The Opening Party


We were particularly excited to see so many friends.  And a few  out there promoting Hornet.

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