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The gem of the Adriatic Sea.  One of the great summer Travel Destinations for Gay Men. And in August, it is the Gayest of Island.  But the Prices are Sky high!


Early History

Mykonos island was named after the local hero Mykons, who was worshipped in antiquity and was considered to be a son or a grandson of the god Apollo.

Relics dating back to 3,000 BC show that the Neolithic tribe Kares living on the Island.Tthe Ionians from Athens were the first ones to really settle in Mykonos in the early 11th century B.C.  They occupied the island. Delos Island was already populated, so Mykonos became an important supply and transit stop. People on the islands were pantheists and worshiped gods like Dionysos, Dimitra, Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon and Hercules.

Modern History

Follow of the Greek mythology were drawn to Delos and started discovering the island of Mykonos. It was in the early 1930’s, many famous artists and wealthy Europeans were spending time in Mykonos, attracting attention and putting the island on the map.

After World War II, Mykonos found its path back to growth and flourished as a very popular destination for the rich and famous.  Mykonos became the cosmopolitan island and travel destination.

With its traditional architecture, the white-washed houses, the narrow streets “kalderimia” and its exuberant natural beauty, Mykonos remains a favorite destination.  But with heavy cruise ship traffic, and Mykonos’ skyrocketing costs, the discerning traveler is moving to a more relaxed and even more beautiful place, the neighboring island of Paros.


Mykonos Photo Galleries

Paros, The New Mykonos

XLSIOR Circuit Festival

Super Paradise Beach + Jackie O’ Photo Galleries

The Elysium Hotel Sunset Drag Show Photo Gallery

Re:volution Party XLSIOR Festival Photo Galley



Gay History

For the past 40 years, Mykonos has been the go-to Island destination for Gay Men.   Historically it was relaxed, gay-supportive and friendly.  Gays alway had their beaches, first Paradise Beach, then Super Paradise, and for the past decade Elia Beach.  And we were welcomed with several bars and frequent dance club events.

The island itself has been Gay Friendly for a very long time. Thirty years ago, its was cool and comfortable to be an openly Gay guy in Mykonos.

Mykonos Now

Mykonos isn’t the the laid back cool place it used to be.   There has been more new luxury development in Mykonos during the past two years then the previous 20.   In the  past  it was great to ride Vespas on the very narrow country roads and steep curvy inclines which connected Mykonos Town to the Gay beaches.  Now it seems like the whole Island is one big city and there is bus and luxury passenger van traffic everywhere.

And with all this development, prices have skyrocketed.  Mykonos is possibly the most most expensive Gay destination.  

But Mykonos is still  incredibly beautiful and its an exceptional Gay Destination especially during August and the XlSIOR Circuit Festival.


Gay Hotels

Elysium Hotel: It is the Gay Hotel.  A favorite for Gay Men.  It’s contemporary, stylish and there are always sexy horny men looking to hook up.  Gay Men pay twice the typical hotel rate and climb the big hill to stay there.   Great View.  Fantastic nightly sunset Drag show. `

Elysium Header


Gay Bars

Jackie O’ Gay Bar and Dance Club, Mykonos Town.  The No 1 Bar Destination after midnight.  Great music. Great style.  Not inexpensive but not nearly as expensive as Jackie O’ Beach.  Gets very crowded at midnight

Babylon: House Music Dance Club and Bar adjacent to Jackie O’.  Guys often go back and forth between the two… and to and from the Gay cruise church.

Porto Bar:  Gay Cruising Bar.  Dark and blue lit areas. Great place to go before Jackie O‘ Bar.   Manly Tom of Finland imagery sets the tone of this male cruise bar.  Opens 22:00

At 54  Club & Lounge;  In the heart of Mykonos Town, above the Old Port. The club is to the back of an open square, up the steps.

Montparnasse Piano Bar:  On the  Little Venice walkway above the Port waterfront and the Gay cruising church.   Nice place to bring a date. Sing along, have fun or  suck up to a sugar daddy.

Castro Bar:  This old Gay standards seems defunct

Elysium Bar:  It’s where the guys go for the Sunset Drag Queen Show.    Great sunset sea view,  Great but expensive food and drinks.  Two Cocktail Minimum.  Definitely go at least one night.  More if you can afford it.   Its a great show and a fun gathering place.   Thru the lobby to the sea-view side of the Elysium Hotel.


Gay Beaches

Elia Beach:  It’s now the no. 1 Gay beach destination on the island, its also the furthest from Mykonos Town.  Ride a Scooter or a Quad. They journey is part of the experience. Otherwise take the boat or the bus.  As you come down the hill to the beach, the Gay section is to the far right.   Rent a chair and umbrella, or hang at the rocks at the far end.

Super Paradise Beach:  The No 2 Gay Beach,  The Gay section is just below Jackie O’ Beach.    Places to eat and drink,. Night time clubs.

Paradise Beach: The No 3 Gay Beach.  Gay and mixed Parties at the Clubs at the beach.

Gay Beach Club

Jackie O’ Beach at Super Paradise.   Once a relaxed Gay Pool Bar and gathering area adjacent to Super Paradise Beach,  Jackie O’  Beach has become  a chic elite lounge and beach club for the jet-set and dress to impress crowd.    The Sunset Drag show is popular with straight couples even more than Gay guys.    Its a beautiful place, but check your credit score before you go.   A one evening visit may cause you to miss your rent payment.   That said, its a really beautiful place and when the Gay crowd is in Mykonos for Xlsior, it’s incredible.



Gay Circuit Festival

Xlsoir Festival  –  Always 10 days at the end of August,  Over a dozen afternoon and all-night parties.  Many top global Gay party brands. Top international DJ’s.  Good looking International Gay male crowd.  Incredible Parties. The Best Parties.


Cruise Areas

Mykonos Town: Behind the Church, Above the Sea   There is always something going on at Night.      When you exit Jackie O’ Bar on the Mykonos Town waterfront, turn left, go to the end, follow the ramp up and the church will be to your right.  Scan the area, see who is coming and going, and then venture over the wall on to the rocks between the church and the sea

Elia Beach:  At the far end of the Gay beach area, climb up the rocks, enjoy the views and wander a bit.  It doesn’t take log for the Gay Guys to circle.  Make eye contact snd follow or lead to more discrete places among the Rocks and on the hill.

Off Track

Take  a water bus to Delos.  Its  short ride to see some of the best Greek ruins.  Its a delightful surprise and it definitely gives you the sense that there were a lot of Gay men  back in the days of Greek Mythology.

Take the Ferry to Paros, rent a Vespa and enjoy the beaches, mountains and villages. The traditional Greek village of Naousa, a short Vespa ride from the ferry port in Perikya, is very cosmopolitan, gay-friendly and casual. 

Get lost. Ride your Vespa or Quad to the farthest points of the Island.  Just follow the small roads away from Mykonos Town and beyond the center.


Travel Insights

If you intend to visit Mykonos in August, book your villa or hotel room before April.  Last minute hotel prices Mykonos are crazy high.   A quick look at Expedia and listings during August show most remaining hotel rooms at more than 700 euros per night. and there are many  and perhaps most costing more than 1000 euros a night.

Fly to Athens and take a Ferry to Mykonos, especially if its your first visit. Take the more luxurious but slower Blue Star Ferry and pay the extra 10 euros for first class.   Its an enjoyable experience and the proper way to approach Mykonos. You will see a variety of Greek Islands along the way, and you will arrive relaxed.

Rent a quad for your visit. Its the best ways to get around the island. Many guys rent Scooters, but the roads are rough and sandy.  Its quite common to see guys with leg casts, bad scapes and/or twisted ankles.

Don’t rent a car.  A quad will make your visit a much more memorable and adventurous experience.  They are also so much easier to park wherever you may be going.  Cars, buses and vans are ruining Mykonos.

If you aren’t comfortable driving Quads, take the local bus to the beach or grab a Taxi Boat or the Sea Bus.




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