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Group Travel: Gay Cruises, Tours + Resort Vacations

If you prefer Group Travel, then you might consider taking a Gay Cruise, or a Tour.  Or perhaps, a vacation at a Gay event at a Resort.   Just as Cruises have become a very large and growing part of the general travel industry,  Gay Cruises continue to attract more and more Gay Men.

In addition to the Gay Cruise, there are Gay Cruise/Tours,  Gay Tours and also Gay Vacation packages at some major resorts.  Our Gay Cruise + Tours + Resort Pages provides listing of all types.

Perhaps when you think “Gay Cruise”, you picture huge weeklong Gay parties on a ship.  That’s understandable.   That is one segment of the Gay Cruise market, and the one that most captures the media’s attention.

However, there are different types of Gay Cruises. So take some time and review our cruise listings; perhaps you will find what’s best fits your interests.

All Gay vs Gay

If its an “All-Gay Cruise,” the travel company has booked the entire cruise ship  (or sailing yacht or river boat) and all or most of the Guests are customers of the Gay Travel Company.  In which case, you can assume most of the guests are Gay, but not all.  If it’s called a “Gay Cruise” then its likely that only a portion of the ship has been booked by the Gay Travel Company.   You will be part of a Gay group on the ship, but there may be many other passengers who are not part of the group and may know nothing about it.

Cruise vs Sailing Cruise vs River Cruise

Generally “Cruises” are assumed to be on large Cruise Ships with all the amenities of big resort hotels and shopping malls.  There ships are designed for larger numbers of vacationers for one or multi-week cruise vacations.   Cruise ships are designed for protected “seas” such as the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or Alaska’s Inner passage.  Ocean Liners like Cunard’s Queen Mary are designed for the much rougher Ocean crossings.   Cruise ships typically have more than 1,000 passengers and the largest Cruise ships now have upwards of 6,500 passengers.

Sailing Cruises are on small to medium size sailing vessels with anywhere from 12 to 350 passengers.   With fewer passengers the experience can be more intimate.  Sailing cruises have several advantages:  These smaller ships can often access inner harbors and smaller ports.  While at many destinations, big cruise ships must dock at modern ports far from the historic areas you may wish to visit, sailing vessels usually dock close to where you really want to go.   The smaller the vessel, the closer it can get to what you really want to see.

Sailing vessels are often designed to provide for water sport activities off of the side or the stern of the ship.   The Wind Star ships, use by Source Events, have a sport deck that opens up on the stern of the sailing ship which provides for swimming, jet skiing, and speed boat activities.  These water stops can be the highlight of a cruise.

River Cruises are often long narrow boats with hotel-like accommodations and are designed for cruises only along inner waterways.  Usually the boats have luxury accommodations.  The river cruises can make frequents stops which allow guests to easily towns, cities and historic places along the river.   These cruises are usually on rivers and canals in Europe and also on the Nile in Egypt.

Nude or Clothing Optional

While some Cruises may offer a deck area when Guest can sunbathe nude,  there are numerous Sailing Cruises which are Nude or Fully-Clothing Optional.   Also there are some Resort Events which are Clothing Optional and a few that are Nude and Not Clothing Optional.

Cruise Tours

While most Cruises offer tours as optional excursions, Cruise Tours are usually include a few days touring and a day or more of a Cruise Component.   Usually the Cruise component is on a sailing vessel or a river boat.


Gay or mixed group tours are land-based and may visit a major destinations such as Machu Picchu or numerous cities or historical locations in a region.  Tours are usually between 6 and 20 guests, so they can provide a good way to get to know a small group of people.

Resort Vacations

Some of the Gay Travel providers who offer all Gay Cruises got their start offering all Gay   Resort Holiday Vacations.    Our focus will be on a all Gay Resort Vacations.  Most Resort Vacations are all-inclusive meaning the meals and many activities are included.  Usually alcoholic drinks and special activities are extra.



Gay Cruise  and Tour Companies


Adonis Gay Sail Cruises: The Luxury Offering of Gay Sail.  Real Sailing on Sailing Yachts. Exceptional food and luxury accommodations.

Atlantis  Events: The Biggest All-Gay Cruises and the Biggest Best Cruise Ships  The No. 1 Leader in Gay Cruises.

Bear Cruise: Cruises for Gay Bears

Brand G Vacations:  Leader in LGBT River Cruises and Land Tours

CODA Travel:  Asia, India, Cambodia Gay Cruises and Travel

Cruise Designs Travel:  Gay Cruise Booking Agency, The POS Cruise. Adventure Bear Gay Cruises + more

He TravelHE Travel merges Hanns Ebensten Travel and Alyson Adventures.  Exclusive gay travel tours & vacations for single gay men, gay couples, lesbians & friends. Outstanding Luxury, Adventure, and Bike Riding Tours.

Gay Sail / Gay Nude Sail  – Gay Only Sailing Cruises

Open Sea Cruise x Axel Cruise: The new Cruise offering by the Axel Gay Hotel Group.  The first cruise in  October 2018 features Ru Paul and Conchita

OutGoing Adventures: International tour operator specializing in small-group tours for gay people — men and women — and their friends, to exotic destinations worldwide

For almost a decade, OGA has been perfecting a unique brand of low-impact guided cultural tours for gay and lesbian adventure-seekers that promotes understanding and acceptance through interaction with our fellow travellers and the people we meet along the way.

RSVP Vacations: The One-time Leader in Gay Cruises; now down to 1 cruise annually. Owned now by Atlantis.

Salty Boys Gay Sailing: Gay and nude sailing cruises in Australia, Thailand, Brazil, Turkey, Greece, … to the most stunning destinations worldwide for international gay guys

SailorDudes:  Private Charter Gay Sailing Cruise in Greece

Source Events: Smaller Gay Cruises, typically on Windstar Sailing Ships and Small Group Tours

The Cruise, powered by La Demence: Annual Cruise presented by La Demence, the incredible Dance Party Event group in Brussels.  Great Music. Serious Club Clubs. More openly sexual  than most cruises.  Promoting a New Experience for 2019. Moving to better Royal Caribbean Ships.

VACAYA All-Gay CruisesVACAYA /vuh kai’ uh/ is a fresh new approach to LGBT+ travel, one focused entirely on you … Whether you’re a group of single gay men looking to make new friends, … After all, this is your vacation and it should be a stress-free experience.

Zoom VacationsZoom Vacations® creates luxury, experiential gay tours and vacations to gay- friendly destinations all over the world.

Up Coming Gay Cruises, Tours and Resort Vacations


25 September  – 4 October | Cruise | All-Gay LGBT | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Brand G: Pearls of the Adriatic All-Gay Cruise



29 September – 06 October | Cruise | All-Gay LGBT |Barcelona

Open Sea Cruises x  Axel:  The new LGBT Cruise with Rupaul and Conchita.  A new Cruise Experience from the Best Gay-Centric /Hetero Friendy Hotel Brand



6 – 13 October | Gay Sailing Cruise | Gay Men | Seychelles

Gay Sail Seychelles Clothing Optional Gay Sailing Cruise




6 -14 October | Cruise Tour | Gay | Cairo

Zoom Vacations Egypt Gay Tour and Nile Cruise

zoom egypt 2018

8 – 18 November | Bear Cruise | Gay Men Bears | New Orleans, Louisiana

Adventure Bears: Panama Canal Cruise  with  Laz, Randy + Paul /Cruise Designs Travel

adv-logo-smAdventure Bear PC Cruise


13 – 20 October | Nude Sail Cruise | Gay Men | Seychelles

GayNudeSail Seychelles Nude Gay Sailing Cruise

14 – 21 October | All Gay Cruise | Gay | San Diego

Atlantis Mexican Riviera Cruise

14 -22 October |  Cruise Tour | Gay Men | Cairo

Zoom Vacations Egypt Gay Tour and Nile Cruise


3- 10 November | Resort Vacation | Gay | Puerto Vallarta, Mexica

Club Atlantis Vallarta


3 – 11 November | Cruise Tour | Gay Men | Cairo

CODA Egypt Deluxe Gay Cruise + Tour  


3 – 11 November | Cruise Tour | Gay Men | India

Brand G  Slendors of India  Ganges Cruise + Tour


6- 19 November |Gay Cuba Tour | Gay | Havana

Outdoor Adventures  14 day LGBT+ Tour of Cuba

Cuba Tour



11 – 18 November | Cruise | POZ Men and Women | New Orleans

POZ Cruise, by Cruise Designs Travel

17 – 28 November | Cruise Tour | Gay | Cairo

HeTravel Egypt and Nile River Gay Cruise  


24 – 31 December | Sail Cruise | Gay Men | Phuket, Thailand  

Adonis Thailand Gay Christmas Gay Sailing Cruise  



Gay Cruises, Tours and Resort Vacations 2019


31 December  – 7 January| Sail Cruise | Gay Men | Phuket, Thailand  

Adonis Thailand Gay Christmas Gay Sailing Cruise  


31 January – 13 February  |Gay Cuba Tour | Gay | Havana

Outdoor Adventures 14 day LGBT+ Tour of Cuba


3 – 10 February | Cruise | Gay Men | Miami, Florida

Atlantis Events: The Biggest One: Allure Carribbean Cruise   Enjoy your time at sea with 5600 Men on the Worlds Biggest Cruise Ship!   The Best Ship! The Best Parties!


10 – 17 February | Cruise | Gay | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

RSVP Carribbean Cruise : A pleasent more relaxed all Gay Cruise Option


17 – 23 February | Sail Cruise | Gay Men| Saint Lucia

Source Events  Mandalay Caribbean All-Gay Cruise  Clothing Optional


22 February -2 March | Cruise | Gay Men Papeete Tahiti

Atlantis:  Tahiti and South Pacific Cruise

Source Events  Mandalay Caribbean All-Gay Cruise 17 – 23 February 2019


7 – 18 April | Cruise | Gay Men | Brasil 

Brand G Amazon Discovery Gay Cruise  

4 – 11 May | Resort Vacation | Gay | Cancun

Club Atlantis Cancun


 5 – 13  July | Cruise |Gay Men | Porto, Spain 

Brand G Spain + Portugal Douro River Gay Cruise


6 -13 July | Gay Party Cruise| Gay Men| Venice

The Cruise Powered by La Demence :Venice, Hotor, Corfu, Mykonos,  Santorini, Argostoli


3- 10 August | Sail Cruise | Gay Men| Dubrovnik

Croatia Gay Cruise


Brand G Legendary Danube River Gay Cruise  

13- 19 August | Street/Amusement Festival | Gay | Orlandoi


20 – 29 August | Cruise Tour | Gay Men| Danube

Brand G  Lower Danube River All- Gay Cruise

24 – 31 August | Sail Cruise | Gay | Greece

Source Events Greek Island Odyssey Gay Cruise


25 September  – 4 October | Cruise | All-Gay LGBT | Dubrovnik, Croatia

Brand G: Pearls of the Adriatic All-Gay Cruise


30 September – 12 October |Cruise Tour | Gay Men| Varanasi, India

Brand G Splendors of India and the Ganges Gay River Cruise  


5 -18 November |Gay Cuba Tour | Gay | Havana

Outdoor Adventures 14 day LGBT+ Tour of Cuba


9 – 16 November | Bear Cruise | Gay Men Bears | San Juan, Puerto Rico

Adventure Bears: Panama Canal Cruise  with  Laz, Randy + Paul /Cruise Designs Travel







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