WE Party Festival Madrid Pride

Global Pride Festivals vary greatly from city to city.  Each can be quite different.   I have been to many.   The San Francisco Pride is huge.  The Parade goes all day.  It includes all the technology corporations and the politicians, and of course there are Gay Parent and all sorts of amazing groups of Gay people.  It elevating.

The Madrid Pride Festival is also elevating but in a very different way.   It’s more raw and  individual. It’s has less mainstream participation and more hedonism.   And yes, FCUK, its more hard music and more sexual.

we pride madrid .png

And The WE Party Festival makes makes Madrid Pride  outrageously Fun.  More Parties and more nights and afternoons  of Gay Dance Club intensity than any other Pride Festival.

Opening Party,  Spartan WE Party Festival,  Madrid Pride at FABRIK  

Macho Party, WE Party Festival,  Madrid Pride DJ Tony Bruno




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