R:evolution Rio de Janeiro + Mykonos

Revolution Rio, presented during New Year’s Week and Carnaval Week at the Port of Rio de Janeiro. Also in Mykonos for Xlsior in August.

In Rio de Janeiro, the party venue is rather hard to find. Taxi’s and Ubers don’t navigate the port area very well; they usually drop you off a thousand or so meters away. But don’t worry, Just follow all the hot men. They are all heading to Revolution.

The cavernous interior space is incredible. Between the music, the lighting and the incredible lighting effects, its the best approximation of Gay Heaven. But don’t miss the fenced in outdoor area, its more the fantasized version of Hell. I never seen so many hot men in my life. If I was a casting agent, I go to this party to cast the next Fast and Furious Movie… and it will be hotter than hell.

Why many Gay Men Love the R:evolution Party in Rio de Janeiro

  • Awesome variety of really really HOT HOT Men!
  • The Music is incredible. The sound and lighting is as good or better than anywhere else.
  • The venue on the Pier at the Port of Rio de Janeiro is among the best I’ve have ever been. Inside its a huge cavernous space. Outside, on the pier over the water, its cool and refreshing. Great place to connect and meet with men. And ll seem to be hot and frisky.
  • Men from all over the world come to Rio for New Years and Carnaval, and guys leave their baggage and inhibitions at home.
  • The Men who travel to Rio may look like porn stars, but they have their lives together. I’ve meet several CEO’s and a top Google Executive at R”evolution Rio last year.
  • It’s Rio, one of the most beautiful places in world. And the Carioca men are very sexy and sensual.
  • While hotels are expensive during New Year’s and Carnaval, there is a big supply of Airbnb’s at moderate prices.

Why some Gay Men do’t like R:evolution or Rio:

  • It’s far to travel
  • It’s considered dangerous. ( Personally in 20 years I have never had an issue, but I know some people who have had their phones stolen or have been mugged.)
  • Some Men may be intimidated by the crowd, but I find the crowd includes a wide range of men. While a hot body, face or cock can get attention, its your attitude that makes the biggest difference.
  • There is a lot of Party-supplement use at events like this. If that bothers you, then this and most Circuit parties are probably not for you.

There is usually a party at The Week in Rio the same nights. While The Week is good, Revolution is 1000 times better. Don’t skip R:evolution because you go to The Week. You can go to The Week another night.




R:evolution Party at Xlsior Mykonos



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