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Dance Music + Circuit Parties: Our History

Gay Men Seek Sex and Freedom by Steve Weinstein  Thump on Vice

“Dance music was born in LGBTQ communities, but the circuit party is where it truly lived. The circuit—a loose global network of often weekend-long  Great Music, Awesome Space & Lighting, where partygoers (almost all gay men) convene from around the world to bond spiritually, socially, sexually and musically—is one of the most unique phenomena to emerge from queer communities over the past few decades.”

The Top Ten Circuit Parties 

The Top 10 Parties of All Time as written by Brad Hammer in the Huffington Post (Go|TravelMEN’s comments in italics)

  1. The White Party-Palm Springs “This party is just one man’s vision  (Jeffrey Sanker’s) and that is what sets this event apart from all the other ones.”  (Jeffrey Sanker does produce a strong consistent product)
  2. Black & Blue-Montreal  “About half of the attendees are straight, which is a sign of the future and most parties being a mixed crowd.”   (half the attendee are straight, enough said…)
  3. The Saint at Large (NYC) – BLACK PARTY   “This party is untouchable because it is powered by the Saint at Large venue and the mentality of the old school days of New York clubbing. It is reminiscent of when there were NO rules. This event lives up to its wild reputation every year”     (hmmm..its get lamer every year. The good old days are long past.)
  4. The Winter Beach Party Miami  “This event has great event spaces, such as the Muscle Beach Party. The gorgeous men that attend this party will keep it going strong.”  (The Muscle Beach Party is in a cage on the Beach.  The Pool Party is around a small pool..not in the pool)
  5. Gay Days at Disney World-Orlando  “The weekend is for gays, straights, circuit boys, lesbians, and even gay families with KIDS”     (ehhh.. with kids…)
  6. White Party-Miami “This Party has it all!”  (It finally died after a long slow death.   Miami now welcomes Circuit Madrid to Miami for Thanksgiving Weekend)
  7. The Pines Party/The Morning Party (FIRE ISLAND) “Probably the first gay dance party ever held on the beach. The island is where the Tea Dance was born. Rich in history and legacy, this party never fails to impress”   (It was great.)
  8. Fireball-Chicago “It set theMidwest ablaze for over  decade” (Never heard of it)
  9. Southern Decadence-New Orleans “The street party runs around-the-clock, and the Southern Decadence circuit party dance events take place at night”  (It’s a big fun redneck drunk fest)
  10. Purple Party-Dallas  “This party has put Dallas on the gay party list of cities to visit for almost 15 years”   (ah, a reason to go to Dallas.. not!)

First, I must complement Brad Hammer for  writing about and sharing his enlightened view of Circuit Parties!   His voice is important, especially here in America where our Gay culture is under assault.  However,  Brad could use a visit to the the rest of the world.

While the United States was once dominant in Gay culture and it’s Circuit Parties were the best,  Europe and South America have moved ahead.. way ahead.   Most parties in the USA now look quaint in comparison to the rapidly evolving Circuit Festivals in Eur ITRpe and in Brazil.   So  I hope Brad Hammer gets to travel — beyond the Canadian Border — and visit the parties that are  moving our Gay culture forward.

Ten Best Circuit Parties of All Time as determined by Go|TravelMEN

  1. Circuit Festival Barcelona:  More Events, More Parties, More Men, More Gay excitement than any other Party or Festival Ever!
  2. La Demence:  Going strong in Brussels for over 29 years, La Demence keeps getting better and better.    The Best Music.  The Best DJ’s.  The most creative shows.  Prices that are 70% less than parties in America while providing so much more.  And to top it off,  La Demence has a door policy that isn’t insulting and invasive to its community.   La Demence has parties  most every month and  larger, more elaborate parties in April/May,  New Year’s, and  its signature multi-day never miss it event, The Anniversary Party every year at the end of October.   Truly international with men from across Europe, the Middle East,  South America, South Africa and  Australia/ new Zealand.  There are even a few enlightened guys from the United States.
  3. Madrid Pride  + WE Party Festival:  Madrid is the largest European Pride Destination and “WE” is possibly the strongest Gay Circuit Party brand.   For Madrid Pride, The WE Festival has seven  huge parties.  In addition there are many alternative  and more sexual / fetish parties making Madrid Pride is the best Party overall party destination.
  4. Re:volution Rio de Janeiro:  Amazing in every possible way.   The Music. The lighting and sound.  On a huge pier in the maritime port, the event is in a cavernous warehouse over the water.  There are several huge rooms with soaring ceilings. And even better, the outdoor area on the pier over the water.   And overall, the hottest men in the world.  Real muscle men… not muscle mary’s.
  5. The Rio de Janeiro Pool Party:  Its an enormous all day – all night party in the pools of a big secluded Water Park on the outer edges of Rio de Janeiro.  Amazing music and sound.. and Men dancing in the Pool all day and night
  6. XLSIOR Festival Mykonos:  Perfect weather, the Beauty and culture of Mykonos, the  premiere beaches and the most beautiful MEN from around the world.    But nothing in Mykonos is inexpensive anymore.
  7. Club Rapido Amsterdam:  Overall  stunning productions, great music and lively friendly party  crowd  makes the  Club Rapido and Rapido Funhouse XXL some of the funnest and most memorable
  8. Tel Aviv Pride:  With over 60 parties, there was nothing like Tel Aviv Pride.   So many global party brands, hot men from around the world and door policies which are respectful and not insulting, its no wonder that Tel Aviv Pride keeps on getting bigger and bigger.
  9. Miami Winter Party Festival: Compared to all the parties mentioned above, it’s rather quaint and old school.    But its kind of nice that way.    However, the prices are not old school. its parties are comparable to XLSIOR Mykonos
  10. The Real Bad Party, at Folsom San Francisco:  Its the insider’s party of the Folsom Street Festival.  While most visitors are sold tickets to Magnitude, the guys who are in the know and know someone, they go to The Real Bad Party

 Why do Gay Men Go to Circuit Parties?

Some men go to Circuit Parties to let go of their baggage and to free their minds for a night and a day.. and with hope, forever.

Some go to lose ourselves deep into the rhythms of the music

Some go to connect and bond with like-minded Gay men who may have come from somewhere else.  Somewhere far and different.  And yet, for our time together,  they are one with the music and with each other

Some go to meet other Men who reflect their own personal standards for body development and beauty

Some go for the freedom, the freedom to express themselves in ways they can’t at home

Some Men go to taste and enjoy the fruits and nectar of many Men

Some go to find the one Man who will will make them feel worthy and complete … if not for a lifetime then at least for the night, or an hour or two

Some Men go to get high and horny

Some Men who are always horny, go to find the guys who get horny when high and who are in need for what they can provide…

Some Men go to Circuit because it is a real community of Men who care.. and Men who can be friends for Life

Some go simply because it is fun

Some go to find their TRUE LOVE

Different Perspectives

Men who go to Circuit Parties are superficial muscle barbies…

The Men I meet at Circuit seem smart, enlightened, and accomplished

Men who go to Circuit Parties are spoiled losers who waste their money on travel, parties and drugs…

Many Men at circuit are successful and accomplished. They manage their lives well so that they can travel and go to parties.  They know that social skills and connections are far more valuable in their careers than endless hours at a desk

Men at Circuit Parties are Drug Addicts…

Some of the Men at circuit parties are enlightened in their use of party drugs to free their minds from their disciplined daily regimens allowing them to be fully present in life affirming experiences.  Most are knowledgable, measured, and disciplined in what they take.  And some party-going don’t do drugs.

Men who go to Circuit Parties are self-absorbed and don’t care about other people…

Men at Circuit Parties fully engage with others in life and at the parties.  And for sure, they take care of their brothers.   When a guy at a party gets too high, gets sick or falls to the ground, most everyone around will come together to give help and support.  Quite the opposite of being self-absorbed and uncaring

Men who go to Circuit Parties are elitist snobs who look down upon the rest of us…

Men who go to Circuit Parties wouldn’t say ever say such things about other guys.  They are Men who live positively.  They don’t get caught up in negativity

The Grand-Dame of Old- School Circuit Parties: The Pines Party

The Pines Party, Fire Island Pines.  Three days of pool, cocktail, and dance events which culminate with a delightful beach party,  The Pines Party.

The Parties of Circuit Barcelona Festival

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 3.56.16 PM.png

Circuit Barcelona 12_14_08.png

Circuit Barcelona 15_17- 08.png

Circuit Barcelona 18_8 19_8.png


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