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Lose Yourself. Find Your Self. Discover the World.  Build Friendships


Gay Pride Festivals

There are currently over 350 Pride Days and Festivals around the world.  About half of these events are in North America; the others take place around the world from Amsterdam to Belfast, to Bali to Bogota to Bangkok

Circuit Parties + Dance Club Events 

“Dance music was born in LGBTQ communities, but the circuit party is where it truly lived. The circuit—a loose global network of often weekend-long  Great Music, Awesome Space & Lighting, where partygoers (almost all gay men) convene from around the world to bond spiritually, socially, sexually and musically—is one of the most unique phenomena to emerge from queer communities over the past few decades.” Gay Men Seek Sex and Freedom by Steve Weinstein

Gay Cruises + Resort Vacations

Perhaps when you think “Gay Cruise”, you picture huge weeklong Gay parties on a ship.  That is one segment of the Gay cruise market that most captures the media’s attention.  However, there are different types of Gay Cruises.  There are All-Gay cruises, and there are Gay mixed cruises.  There are Cruise Ships, Sailing Ships and Yachts, and River Boats.  There are clothing optional and Naked Cruises

Gay Tours

Get to know another part of the world. You never need to go alone. Go with a group.  Make friendships that will last forever.   There are Gay tours to most of the world’s great cultural and scenic destinations.  There are tours that are active and multi-sport.   Some tours provide luxury comfort and service. Some let you get down and dirty.  Some are great in building relationships and empowering oneself


Outdoor Adventure Travel Events 

Sports events, Gay Ski Weeks, Yoga Festivals, and Multi-Sport Tours.  Get active. Challenge yourself.  Be a competitor or  supporter. Connect with other men

Gay Bear Events

Gay men with hair.  Older Gay men.  Gay men who aren’t skinny.  Muscle guys with hair.   In the past it wasn’t so cool for Gay men to be heavy or hairy,  but Gay bear men said  “fuk that” and set their own agenda.  With more Gay men identifying as bears,  there has been an explosion of events, festivals and cruises for Gay bears and the men who admire them

Leather + Fetish  Events

Leather, Fetish are very much part of our culture and of course sex is a big part of life. While leather bars and sex venues have been disappearing across American, more European destinations are featuring leather and fetish events.  While Berlin, San Francisco and Chicago have the best known Leather and Fetish events,  there are many new events and festivals particularly in Spain and Italy


Drag Events

Many Gay travel destinations have a bar and clubs featuring nightly or frequent Drag entertainment.   Some destinations have long been identified with Drag culture.   And many big events feature Drag entertainers. But big  Drag-focused events are few.  Thanks to Ru Paul, Drag is more popular than ever. Ru Paul’s Drag Race always popular with Gay Men, has crossed over to being mainstream entertainment.  The popularity of the show has in many ways re-energized Drag communities and entertainment

Arts + Music + Cultural  Events 

Throughout history Gay men  have been involved in most every aspect of arts, music and culture.     While most big cultural events are not usually identified as gay, Gay men are very much part of their creation and the audience

Amusement Park Events 

Because we all love theme parks, wave pools, and acting like kids.  And when we can do all and dance all night, its even better


Spiritual Journeys

To let go what holds us back. To find oneself.  To grow spiritually,  To connect in  more profound ways with other men

Work + Study + Volunteer Service

Work, Study, or Volunteer .  Stay close to home or travel the far places across the worl




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